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What's new?

Timebox total time published at 2015-12-02 22:28


We are not slowing down! Today we have release small, but very useful function - total timebox time visible during management.

From now you don't have to calculate time of the stages - it is just calculated automatically :)

Happy using!

timebox team

Presentation archive published at 2015-11-30 21:44

We’ve just added another useful function - page with all presentations for given timebox. You can see here finished, running and ready for launch presentations.

On that page you can easily see how much time takes finished presentations as well as find actually running ones.

You can also find currently running presentation on the timebox list.

We have some other functionalities waiting for launch! If you need something specific - let us know using Report bug or suggestion button!

We are launching! published at 2015-11-20 18:00

First version of our application is now finished! You can now register via Facebook or traditional way.

We hope that it will be useful during your meetings. Feel free to report any bugs or suggestions via our special form.

You can read simple tutorial

We know that some of you use mobile during meetings (we do) so we have prepared a mobile version too.

Of course it not the end, on the contrary we have just started. Featured planned for near future:
- rearranging stages using Drag`n`Drop,
- simple retrospective generator with some sample examples.

Additionally we are preparing a blog about agile methodology, productivity and work life balance.

Best regards
timebox team